Senior Node.js Back-end Developer

We are on the quest to find a new team member for our team in Valencia or Zurich, who will take charge of developing our Node.js back-ends.

We,, are a young Swiss company building the future of the Internet of Things. And you can now be a significant part of it. Our team is young, energetic, motivated, and we would like to add another like-minded person to it.

Basic Requirements You Should Be Expert In

  • Javascript (ECMAScript 6, promises)
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js, V8, npm, express
  • git (in a team setup)
  • HTTP / REST & WebSockets
  • API design experience
  • Real-time data processing, stream procesing
  • SSL / TLS, PKI, AES, Hashing
  • Message brokers (MQTT, AMQP)
  • Cloud services (AWS, Azure, Bluemix, Google Cloud)
  • Microservices architecture
  • NoSQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Big Data, Cassandra, ElasticSearch
  • Cross-data-center replication (global infrastructure)
  • Work in 100% Linux environment (desktop & server)
  • Nginx, HAProxy
  • Agile development methods & tools (JIRA)
  • Lean methodology (build - measure - learn)
  • Distributed systems, scalability, high availability
  • DevOps tools

Who Should You Be Apart From Exceptional

  • Holder of (at least) a master degree in Computer Science or related field, or have an equivalent (5+ years), demonstrable, relevant work * experience
  • Experienced in developing large-scale SaaS products
  • Young, spirited, energetic, easy-going person
  • Interested in Internet of Things, gadgets, and technology in general
  • Fluent in English, any other languages are an asset and can be put to good use
  • Excited about working at a startup and on small, talented team

We Expect You To Do Your Best

  • Develop back-end of a global IoT network and SaaS infrastructure
  • Care deeply about code quality, performance and execution, but not be a dogmatic perfectionist
  • Create outstanding API experience for our users
  • Help out in other areas of the stack if necessary
  • Be agile, adapt to business-driven changes in projects and products
  • Collaborate with front-end team and embedded software team
  • Understand the aspects of maintainability, stability and compatibility
  • Make code reviews and be code reviewed
  • Choose technologies based on forward-looking, well-informed decisions
  • Implement automated tests
  • Participate in writing detailed technical and functional documentation
  • Play active role in the agile development team
  • Review customer feedback

What We Offer Our Best Effort

  • Flexible compensation and perks matching your location
  • Equity proportional to your experience & contribution
  • Flat hierarchy and appreciation of individual work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Visibility of your work world-wide
  • Working with young, motivated, passionate people
  • Working with exciting, state-of-the-art technology for the Internet of Things
  • Office in Valencia, Spain or Zurich, Switzerland

To Apply

Send us your CV, short introduction of yourself / your motivation (just a few sentences) to